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Smartphone VS DSLR Cameras

Which one would you prefer ......

A Camera is nothing but a tool to capture the light which is coming toward its lens and store it in electronic form. Whenever we want to store any moment we use cameras to store it. The two options of cameras we get are either the handheld isolated cameras like DSLRs (Digital single lens reflect) cameras, mirrorless cameras by the famous brands like Nikon, Canon, Sony ,Fujitsu etc or the smartphone cameras from the brands like Sony, Samsung, LG etc.

But few years back when we have got no option DSLRs was our only options. We had to go for the costlier cameras but now we have lots of options with the development of advanced smartphone camreas . Because of advanced R&D ,the current generation smartphone cameras gives a way better photography and neck to neck competition to the DSLRs cameras in many aspect with the cheaper price.

But the main question arises in every bodies mind that which is better smartphone or DSLR cameras . Which is preferred more and what is the main differences between both of them. Soo here are the few key points which tells boths properties and main differences between both of them –

Advantages  of  DSLRs over smartphone cameras-

Sensor size : The size of sensor makes a big difference and bigger sensor allow to capture large amount of light with more natural coloures .  Your sensor in your smartphone is tiny, however this is a technical topic, so let’s just settle on :- sensor size is important and even the best low light photos (high ISO) suck on your mobile as well as dynamic range. Here the large sensor od DSLR give high iso images with excellent dynamic range.

Autofocus : Mostely the smartphone cameras are very disappointing with on subject autofocus  Your smartphones autofocus is dreadful when compared to a decent camera. Smartphone takes an age to auto focus, it does it fairly inconsistently and often will miss the shot, it sucks even more when it gets dark. DSLRs have the fast autofocus even in the low light and the desired shot is never missed.

Speed : Smartphone cameras takes time to start compared to any decent cameras. And their is a good chance to miss the shot by the time the app loads and lets take it, so also the lag in autofocus will surely miss the show that is planned to shoot.

Processor : The process play an excellent role in the photography . The other major part of the graphical procession in images is done by the image signal processor. This helps to add extra effects in the images of colour reproduction and noice reduction autofocus and many more . Since smartphones processors are made to share duties with others processes as compared to DSLRs in which only one duty is processed. So decent cameras are way better in image processing the smartphones .

Flash : Smartphone cameras have LED flash as compared to the Xenon flash of the DSLRs which illuminated the object at a long distance and is preferred for many tyoe of photography.

Aperture :- A smartphone camera has a fixed aperture, the fact this is fixed means you cannot control the depth of field , to either get a nice front to back sharpness (for landscapes for instance) or very shallow depth of field (for isolating your subject). Where as the Descent Camera has a large aperture which is also variable i.e. it can be adjusted to adjust depthness and shallow effect which gives the natural portrait and bokeh shots to DSLRs.

Restricted variable photography: The smartphone lenses have the fixed focal length and photographer does not have options to choose the type of lens according to the look they want based on the subject . for example- Shots close to the human eye appear natural to the human observer use standard lens for street photography and valued for being cheap, lightweight, fast and having great bokeh.

The normal telephoto lens uses to bring the subjects closer with landscape photography and portraits or to fill the frame and isolate subjects.

The super telephotos are used for very distant objects

The ultrawided angled lenses are used to capture large angled shots in one picture.

The advantages of Smartphone cameras  are –

Cheap: They are cheap as compared to the very costlier DSLRs . mostely the DSLRs cameras are very costly and are difficult for commom people to purchase

Easy to handle – Smartphone are easily fitted inside the pocket and can be used any where , but DSLRs are big bulky to handel and can be easily damaged if they fell down on the ground.

Easy to use – DSLRs require a training to do a good photography but smartphone cameras are having an easy interface that can be easily used by anyone.



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