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Single Board Computer By Google

Google Introduced the Coral Development Board

Now a Days there are many Development boards or single board computers like Most Popular Audrino, Raspberry Pi, Asus Tinker Board, Banana Pi etc they are used in different work but now Google is also entered in Single Board Computer System. Coral” : Coral Dev Board is Single Computer which contain Edge TPU coprocessor for ML Projects. Google has now made available for developers a Raspberry Pi-style development board.

What is TPU???

TPU which used in Coral Dev Board. So I Tell What is TPU?? TPU Stands for Tensor Processing Unit,  Last Year Googlannounced its is working on the low powered version of Cloud TPU for the Internet of Things (IoT). The Edge TPU is free IoT Devices from the Google Clouds. Back in 2016, Google surprise the world with own Custom Machine Learning-focused processor called “Tensor Processor Unit”. According to Google, TPU is more 30 percent efficient and faster then Others CPUs and GPUs, which is used in Machine-Learning Platform.

Later, Nvidia integrated the TPU or “Tensor Cores” to its GPUs. This Latest  GooglCloud TPUs have Some Performance and greater graphics in Nvidia GPUs.

Google Coral Specs

Edge TPU Module

CPU NXP i.MX 8M SOC (quad Cortex-A53, Cortex-M4F)
GPU Integrated GC7000 Lite Graphics
ML accelerator Google Edge TPU coprocessor
Flash memory 8 GB eMMC
Wireless Wi-Fi 2×2 MIMO (802.11b/g/n/ac 2.4/5GHz) Bluetooth 4.1
Dimensions 48mm x 40mm x 5mm


Flash memory MicroSD slot
USB Type-C OTG Type-C power Type-A 3.0 host Micro-B serial console
LAN Gigabit Ethernet port
Audio 3.5mm audio jack (CTIA compliant) Digital PDM microphone (x2) 2.54mm 4-pin terminal for stereo speakers
Video HDMI 2.0a (full size) 39-pin FFC connector for MIPI-DSI display (4-lane) 24-pin FFC connector for MIPI-CSI2 camera (4-lane)
GPIO 3.3V power rail 40 – 255 ohms programmable impedance ~82 mA max current
Power 5V DC (USB Type-C)
Dimensions 88 mm x 60 mm x 24mm


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