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Most Interesting Topic : Mobile Chargers!!!!

Mobile Chargers are the Best Accessories in our Daily Life!!!

A mobile charger is an electronics device that provides desired electrical power to the electronics ckt(mobile). The main motive of the charger is to charge the mobile battery and prevent mobile phones from the damage of electrical power. The mobile chargers mainly contain the dc power supply. The dc power supply converts the ac current into dc current from the pre-designed ckt which is called a power supply. The dc power supply uses AC as the main input source and converts it into dc. The dc supply uses mainly rectifiers, filters, and transformer to convert the current into dc.

The first section of the power supply contains the transformer which is used to convert the high voltage ac into low voltage after that it employees the rectifier section which is used to convert the ac into pulsating dc the pulsating dc is the dc current which contains some part of the ac in the converted dc after that we connect the filter section in that which removes the ac components from the pulsating dc and at the output of the filter we get a proper dc. the battery of the phones become more reliable when we charge the phones slowly, fast charging mobile phones use the more current at the same volt which effects the battery life of the mobile phones. According to the theory of IEEE always charge the mobile phones only 10% of its rated full capacity. some people also use the wireless charger which is based on the mutual induction in that we have to put the phone on a stand from the action of induction the mobile charge but there is a disadvantage of that, the charges the phone very slow rate and it takes a lot of time to charge.

A good charger is that charges the phone at desired rate without damage the battery as we know that charging the phone at a fast rate can damage the battery life and also it reduces the battery life some of the companies introduce the wireless charges but that are either very slow or not working properly that’s why they are not successful in daily use also the charger we are using has to rate according to the specification of our phone battery and we have to prevent to use other charges to save our battery also the hardware of our phone using main chargers can damage the hardware of the phones, i.e charging jack also it can damage the charger.

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