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Make Any Website into Dark Theme!!!!

A Extension Help to Make Any Website Dark...

Everyone Love Dark Theme in Android Apps or iOS Apps like Youtube and Twitter Support Dark Theme. Dark Theme Apps Help to Save Battery in OLED or AMOLED Displays. Google Also Recommend Developers to make There Apps in Dark Mode. But I help to Make any Website into the dark theme if Website Does Not Support Dark theme. If you want to know read the whole post and easy setup to do. Please Share this post with Everyone, Everyone can know who to do this. 

Visit this website to Make any Website Dark:

This website help to make any website into the dark theme, its an extension of the web browser. You have to visit the website and select the browser like for Chrome, Firefox or Safari (but in Safari you have to buy the extension). this the easiest way to any website dark.

This is the Extension Option to make any website dark theme or Dark Mode

List of Options are:

  • Brightness – It adjusts the Darkness of the Website.
  • Contrast- It Adjusts the Sharpness of the Website.
  • Site List – In this, you can whitelist the website, which you don’t make the dark theme.

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