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Best Alternative of PUBG!!!!!

There are other Games like PUBG

PUBG is the best Battle Royale Game. But do you know about Battle Royale Game or What is Battle Royale Games??? The Battle Royale game is the Part of Action Game or Survival Game in Battle Field in which A person to be the last man in the battlefield with the help of Weapons or exploration and scavenging elements of a survival game with last-man-standing gameplay. But the Best Battle Royale Game’s Are Present Now is Fortnite and Second is PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battle Ground). But There is Best Alternative of PUBG game Which You Should Try the Battle Royale Game. The best benefit of Battle Royale game is Game become short and simple. There also a movie on Battle Royale game films The Hunger Games in 2012.

Alternative of PUBG Or Battle Royale Game’s are.


Fortnite is Online Battle Royale Game Released On 2017 by Epic Games. It’s Available in Every Platform like PCs, PlayStation’s, Xbox Console, iOS, Nintendo, And Android (Beta Version).  A temporary mode in an event which is 50-versus-50 player mode in its Fortnite Battle Royale free-to-play game; players are assigned one of the two teams, and work with their teammates to collect resources and weapons towards constructing fortifications as the safe area of the game shrinks down, with the goal to eliminate all the players on the other team. It is Not Available in Play Store Android, You have to download from official website



H1Z1 is free-to-play Battle Royale Game Developed by Daybreak Game Company Released On January 15, 2015, on Stream Beta Early Access Program. After three years of being in early access for Microsoft Windows, H1Z1 officially released as a free-to-play game in February 2018. It was later released for the PlayStation 4 in August 2018 and will be released for the Xbox One at a later date. H1Z1 is a battle royale game in which up to a hundred players compete against each other in the last man standing deathmatch. Same As Pubg Game. Its Available Only In Windows PC’s and Playstations.


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