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5 Most use Gadgets in our Daily Life!!!

This Gadget are Life Line of Our Life!!!!!!

We all are living in the world in which we use many different types of devices that make our life more adventures and easy. By using that device, we can perform many different types of task that are really important for us to provide the desired speed in that Morden world. We all know there are many different of devices are invented in the day to day life but replacement of that devices are really impossible. We are in the position from which we can’t imagine our life without those devices.

1. Mobile Phones

Mobile phones lead to a revolution in the field of communication. The mobile phone is invented in April 1973 by martin copper. The weight of the 1 st phone is approx. 2kgs and now we are using the phones whose weight in certain grams. It starts from the simple phone and now from a mobile phone we can do anything which we want from a simple phone call to doing the message of banking purpose it can do anything which we want to do from that. The latest mobile phones that are called smartphones because they contain lots of advanced features that very use full in daily life. It contains some important features just like Bluetooth, WIFI, smart bike mode, don’t disturb mode etc which is very necessary and used features in daily life. Now this day there are more advanced smartphones are coming in the market which has face unlock, figure print sensor like more advanced features and in future, the company is going launch the foldable phones and dual display phones also some companies are working to introduce the transparent phone in the market.

2. Amazon Alexa

The amazon Alexa is virtual personal assistance based on speech recognition. It is capable to perform the various task from setting alarm to playing music. It can take commands several different languages like English, French, Italian etc. it supports many OS like android, ios, fire etc. sometimes it is called smart speakers but it is much more of it, by using sutiable hardwares we can also make our fan light operational from alexa. alexa can read an article from the internet and it can also download songs from the internet and play it by only voice command it gives us a feel of the very advanced interface between hardware and us. If future our homes will be smart and capable to perform much more task by itself the alexa is the only starting of it but it is a very advance and reliable device which makes our life more exciting. It will take our living standart at a different level and makes our life more exciting and simple.

3. Smartwatch

Smart watch is not only a watch which show us time and date it is much more from it. The first concept of the smart watch is introduce by Sony which has the features of WIFI Bluetooth and much more. It is based on android os and a touchscreen display after that more company introduce their smartwatches based on their own specification and their different os. A smartwatch can perform many tasks of smartphones without touching it. It has a touchscreen display on which we not only see time but it can do a lot of more different things. They display the notification and provide but firstly the smart watch are not being too success and the hang some times but Sony introduce a new feature of notification killer and also a setting for only those notification user want to get from
that watch.

In the end, we can say that the smartwatchs are the revolutinory invention in the field of watch that makes the work of the user very easy while reciving a call to repling a text message and much more work the user can do from that watch without using his phone by his watch.

4. Smart band

After the smart watch, the electronics gadgets company intrduce a new band called the smart band. The smart band has the features to monitor our health and give a brief view of our daily life activity. The smart band can count our footsteps to our heart beats they give us info regarding how much we burnt calories .the people who are overweight can use these smart bands to moniter their calories burnt and how much they have more burn to maintin their proper weight also to reduce weight they can use this type of bands. The smart bands carry some warnable sensors that are very useful for our sports player while they are in their traing or in their running if there abnormal any activity happens then these sensors will become active and give information about it to the user about their health risk  The smart bands are designed to keep good and well health of the user and the developers always keep the thought about the good health of the user and the include more and more features in their mind. In short, we can say that the smart band is a very amazing invention that are used in the very important section of our life that is it monitor our health and warn us about any risk on it and everyone has to wear this types of band.

5. Power bank

Now a days every person uses the smartphone and we all know how reliable our smartphones batteries are, to maintain our smartphones batteries charged every time we use a either charger but it is not possible for us to charge every time so we use a portable device called power bank. The power bank is a portable device that has a capably to recharge discharged mobile phones. It has the capability to store electrical charges in its inbuilt batteries, the capacity of this power bank to charge mobile phones several times depends on their inbuilt battries it has. We need to charge our power bank first and after that when we need to charge our smartphone we can use this. By using power banks we can use our phones for a long long time without connecting it in the charger and every time it is not possible that we have a charger or power socket to charge our phone. Some power banks now days uses sunlight to charge so using that type of power banks in urban areas where there is a problem of high rate power cut makes our life also more easy and due to this, we can also use our phones at the most efficient way.

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