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404:Not Found??

Common Error in World Wide Web

Nowadays there so many Website’s but if you visit any website and error come “404: NotFound” and the website says the website you are visiting the not found. But you think that where is “404: NotFound” Come from or what its history behind the 404 code. Let us know about the history in this post. If you like this post and want a more interesting topic on the Technology world, please share with everyone and comment us for more improvement.

Facebook 404 error. Source:

What is 404: Not found??

“404: NotFound” is HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) in Computer network, the client is communicating to the server for a file and that file is not found on the server and that time server show error in the form of 404: Not Found. It is also a Broken or Dead link. 404 error is the most common error in the World Wide Web (WWW).

404: History

There is Interesting Story of Famous Error Called “404: NotFound” In the 1980s at CERN(Switzerland), A group of Scientists Started working on World Wide Web (which is WWW), The Scientist worked on to create the Database Infrastructure for open access in Various format. But the Database is located in the office building on the 4th floor in Room 404. In Office 2 or 3 people have manually requested the file transferring over the network but all the request could not be fulfilled, Because these problems occur become so common and by this name came “Room404: File Not Found”.

Github 404: Error. Source:

Soft 404 or Fake 404

Some website sends the request to server and server response that website in the form of 404 error. If server response is called soft 404 or fake 404. Some Website Like Google, Facebook, Yahoo etc. Some times they show 404 error that is not a real error they are fake 404 error made by them for making some content to be invisible form client. This fake 404 error made by Ziv Bar-Yossef et al in 2004.

404 error in Dictionary:

In Technical Term 404: Not found means A error message seen on the website to indicate the requested file or URL was not found on Server.  Or in Slang Language 404 is Someone is Clueless or Stupid.

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